NauLar Limited approached me to design logo and business cards to use across a variety of media. They wanted it to be modern, professional and memorable. NauLar Limited is a property investment company and, due to the nature of the business, they wanted two different type of business cards: one to find potential properties (referral cards) and another one to give to investors and peers.
To create a logo, I looked into the nature of the business. NauLar Limited invest in old houses, which they renovate before renting out. The logo idea came from floor plans used in construction. I created two types of logo to be used on business cards and stationery. The colours were inspired by Manchester buildings. Typeface had to be easily available on Windows as well as Mac and, at the same time, be modern.
Image demonstrating brand identity: logo variations, colour scheme and typography
For referral cards, I looked into how people in the industry were using those and realised that the existing approach didn't make them memorable and they were very similar to each other. A different approach was required. I suggested making them portrait rather than landscape and put some more text on it, so, if a person looks at it a week or two after receiving it, they would still remember what it was about. Besides, there was enough space to put a more personal message.
Referral cards image
NauLar wanted their personal cards stand out and have a photo, as based on their experience, it was easier to remember people  met if you could match their name to a photo. 
To stand out, I suggested two things: using an unusual shape (square) and use photos of their finished projects. We chose various projects to go on the back of the cards, while the front would still feature the photos of directors.
Square personal cards
The clients' feedback was great and I'm looking forward to further collaboration!
client's quotes

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