Orchestras around the world (including Berlin Philharmonic) are looking to attract younger audiences to their performances. Classic music is considered something for older demographics to enjoy. Young adults find it outdated, boring and often expensive. How can they be convinced otherwise?
Classical music is timeless. You would think it should appeal to various audiences. I decided to look at how to make classical music trendy and cool. Various directions have been considered.
I narrowed down the target audience. The campaign was set for young adults (20-25 year olds). They tend to enjoy a night out, social events, think they’re a ‘special’ generation. They enjoy easy listening music played by DJs in bars or at events. Didn’t necessarily go to uni, but have a job, which provides money for travelling and rent. They don’t own a house. 
I thought it would be great to explore a 'classic night' concept, but move it to a club setting and add a gamification element. And then, what was that most famous club in Berlin notoriously known for being very difficult to get into? Well, Berghain! So, why not organising a club night there? But how can we make make the access difficult? That's where the game comes in. Those wanting to attend this special event would need to play a mobile game to earn their ticket. Ticket will then be revealed on their mobile and attendance can be shared on social media.
User journey and wireframing
Promotion would also have a secretive vibe. Posters will be placed around Berlin advertising the event and prompting to download the game.
Event promotional posters
Young people are all about social media, so TikTok has been chosen as a platform to promote the even (make sure you've got sound on to watch the video below). This was also my first experience mixing music :) 
UI for the game follows the event identity. Icons were custom made for the event to accompany the identity.
Game app screens
And you can't imagine a club night without an entrance stamp which will take a few days to get rid off after!
Event entrance hand stamp

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