Brief to create an identity for a new venue based in San Paolo (Brazil), designed to become the centre of culture for teenagers. This is a non-profit organisation providing access to arts and culture in poor communities. 
The initial research revealed that 80% of population in Brazil live in urban areas. Children have limited access to education, especially in poor communities, and almost no access to art education, although many aspire for art and become street artists and performers. In addition, teenagers start working at early age to help support their families, so their free time is very limited. They need a safe environment to express themselves.
While there's a number of cultural and conference centres in Brazil and youth centres sponsored by the UN and non-profit organisations, there's no venue to give teenagers opportunity to express their creative side ad appreciate arts.
I decided to create an identity for this new space. The name I chose for the venue (Eu Vivo) means 'I live' in Portuguese. The logo typography took inspiration in the Brazilian street art, which is bold, colourful and vibrant. Brazilian street art also raises important social issues and has a meaning and it's absolutely beautiful. I found that very impactful. The logo shape was inspired by a flying kite, which made me think of hope and freedom. Freedom to be whoever you want to be.
Custom illustration was created for signage and way finding around the venue.
Logo and way finding iconography
Concept for promoting events.
Venue promotion posters
Website concept to accompany the venue identity.
Venue website landing page
Venue website: events calendar

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